“I don’t know really what happened [with Jack], I will need to have a chat with him about that,” said Wenger. “I disagree completely with that behaviour. There are two things: first of all when you are a football player you are an example, and as well you don’t do what damages your health.”-ARSENE WENGER

Over the last 24 hours, social network has been agog with the story that Jack Wilshere was seen smoking at a night club. Everyone has given various explanations behind the incident and even the boss has voiced his concerns.

Jack wilshere and his representatives have come out to deny that Wilshere is a smoker and that it was a just a prank by some of his freinds, despite the fact that he was clearly shown in the picture inhaling the tobacco.

“Jack was with his team mates and friends, one of them dared Jack, who deos not smoke to momemtarily hold the ciagrette as part of a prank”

Now that the issues have been stated, one question has to be asked, has this issue been blown out of proportion? yes. Was Jack wrong to publicly  put a cigarette in his mouth even if it was a prank? yes, definitely.

Jack Wilshere is still trying to make a complete return to fitness after his almost 18 month lay-off and with his knowledge of the effect of smoking on player’s fitness and health, he should not be around such places.

This week Wenger highlighted the importance of the Englishman in the feature of the club and clearly stated that the future of Arsenal is centered around the 21 year old. It is also no news that Jack is the shining light of England’s younger generation of footballers; therefore he should watch his conduct especially when in public.

However, he said that he didn’t do it, as gooners of steel, who should we beleive, the media or Jack?

Arsenal is in a rich vein of form and firing from all cylinders. Arsene has a pool of talented players tp pick from especially in midfield, with some people advocating for the false nine formation if Giroud picks an injury.

Personally, I see this as an outlet for the media to throw the gooners off balance and focus on Wilshere’s smoking instead of his recovery to fitness and the form of Ramsey, Ozil and co.

Why have they not focused on other players that are known to publicly smoke in such manner as Jack is portrayed to : Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berabtov, Mario Ballotelli, Ashley Cole, Gigi Buffon, Aaron Lennon, Wayne Bridge and so many others.


if our No 10 and future captain said he does not smoke, we have to believe him. #coyg #JW10

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