Ramsey has been Arsenal’s best player this season carting away Arsenal’s player of the month for both August and September. nine goals from midfield would even have greats like Zidane, Pirlo and co clapping for the Welsh wizard.

This month the online poll has come up and the expected contenders are Ramsey, Ozil, the rejuvenated Szczesny and of course Giroud. all four players have been exceptional and have made sure that the club remains at the top of the league. however, this article is to make a case for French man Olivier Giroud.

The French man has been lambasted by a lot of fans but this season and in the month of October, he has improved in leaps and bounds  and deserves to be crowned the Clubs best player for the past month. Why?


The French man was on fire for both club and country. Three goals and two assist for the gooners is no mean feat. He was also awesome for Les Blue and for the first time in a long while put Karim Benzema on the bench. Two goals in as ,many games for the 1998 World champions has made him a favourite among the french people.



“It is a quality when you are a striker to not always be greedy and when you have a team-mate well placed on the pitch, in a good position, you have to assist him. Strikers are judged on their goals but we must also [provide] assists and that is what I try to do: help my team-mates”-GIROUD

Giroud has shown this month that he is not a striker that is super crazy for personal glory and fame but prefers to see the team excel also. This is what every gooner should applaud. Two assist of the highest quality against Norwich comes to mind. The first a double back heel between him and Jack Wilshere and the second, a millimeter perfect cross to Ozil to head home. Having a striker that puts the team first is one of a kind. Strikers are born to be selfish and having a striker that wants the offensive players around him to score should be commended.



“That is what makes him great,” said Wenger. “He missed some chances but always got the support of our fans because he shows he is ready for a fight. The fact that he kept going got him a goal. How much has he improved? I don’t know. But he has. That’s obvious to everybody. If he keeps working like that then he will improve again. I like his spirit.”-ARSENE WENGER

If there was an award for the most committed player in the world (Ballon D’ Committed) , it would definitely go to Giroud. The French man might not have the pace and trickery of Suarez, the poaching skills of Higuian or the power and agility of Rooney, but he has the commitment of all three players combined.

In the game against Crystal Palace, he was pushing ffor the second goal even when the entire team seemd satisfied with the lone goal victory and he eventually got his reward. In the victory over Dortmund, he made his mark against two of the best young defenders in Europe: Matt Hummels and Neven Subotic. Same attitude can be seen in games against Napoli, Tottenham, Fulham and so on. As I wrote in my article in Lessons Learnt from the Palace victory, his commitment could cover his other flaws and catapult him to the top of the scorer’s chat.


Even though Rambo might be the favourite this month especially with dominating displays all round, Giroud has done enough to win it too. I would easily put my love for Rambo on hold ( at least for today) and put my vote for the big Frenchman.

Go to the club’s official site, Arsenal.com and vote for who you think deserves it (Giroud maybe *winks*) #COYG

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