After last weekend’s loss to Manchester United, not only was the record of scoring in every games this season broken, our incredible away record was. This article is not to moan over that factm but to celebrate excellence. The team has been excellent away from home and sometimes I preferred them to play away than in the Emirates. Today, we are celebrating 15 games of pure class.



At that period of last season, everything about Arsenal was bleak, we just lost to Spurs, Bayern came to the Emirates and won. The Gooners went to Germany with no expectations. However, they pulled up something spectacular, winning 2-0 and were one goal way from knocking out the eventual champions.



Before the record was created, the team seemed to be in disarray and a lot of things were said about the players. However, in these 15 games, some players have stepped up to be counted. Mertesacker and Koscienly have formed a superb partnership conceding just 6 goals in the games they played together, MAK have been solid and have kept Club captain Vermaelen out of the side. Another winner is Gibbs. His starting spot was put in jeoaprdy when experienced Spainish left back, Monreal was brought in January, but Gibbs upped his game, became stronger and today is the first choice left back and heir to the English left back throne. Yet another winner is Szczesny, the Pole had some below par performances and was not only benched but sent to the reserves. As the adage goes, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, Szczesny came back and has put in performance after performance, the most impressive being the two superman saves in the game against Crystal Palace.


The whole team was excellent in this period, even the young ones (Eisfield, Akpom and co). however, there were some stand out players. Stand in captain, Mikel Arteta was great, was a platform to lauch Arsenal’s attack. Another is MAK, super performances from the German-French combo, they were great and reminds me of Adams and Bould. Walcott was also great especially last season. The flying English man was always an outlet for every attack. If I forget this player, I could beaten by everyone, Aaron Ramsey, he has been great. He has contributed 6 goals this season, Rambo has been excellent.



During this period run, some teams have felt the sting more than others. West Brom have felt it thrice and surely the most painful for the Baggies would be when Arsenal sent the younger officers to do the job. Another happy hunting ground was surely at Swansea’s home. The gooners have gone to South Wales and have conquered twice; Fulham have also felt it twice too.

The most inflicted team would have to be Tottenham. They didn’t feature in this amazing run, but they were the most wounded. After defeating Arsenal in February, they were expected to cruise to a top four finish but it was to be. I especially pity for the yids when Lord Sugar tweeted ‘1-1 at Newcastle’, you could see their celebration (pic below). It was as if spurs has won the league. Sorry Spurs.



Personally, I think the surprise of this amazing run has been the form of Tomas Rosicky. It amazes me that the Czech is 33 and plays as if he is 21. Always full of running, sliiding tackles and has always has the club’s badge on his wrist. Sometimes, I wish he was seven years younger; but the way he is playing he could go well into his late 30’s and maybe emulate Scholes, Giggs or Zanetti.



Arsene has been one of the factors behind this run. There is adage that says ‘that you as strong as your weakest point’. For me, Arsene’s strength and weakness is his complete trust in his players. Despite criticism, he stands up for them and gives them the opportunity even  if it does not seem to be working. Aaron Ramsey is a perfect example.#onlyArseneknows


I remeber in the Manchester United game, around the 18th minute, I heard the away supporters screaming ‘O Santi Carzola, O Santi Carzola’. That has been the story behind the away supporters, they have been awesome, cheering the team to success. When 3,000 fans are making the noise on an away ground, it is aweosme. I salute them, they are true gooners of steel


BEST GOAL: if I had to go for the best goal, I would definitely go for the Koscienly’s goal against Newcastle, it might not be a screamer or an over head kick, but its importance is massive.



There are many options, Wilshere, Gibbs, Szczesny have improved in leaps and bounds but I would definitely go for Ramsey. The Welsh wizard has gone from the object of the Boo boys to a symbol of a resurgent Arsenal

BEST PLAYER:  tough choice, but if you look at the stretch of the 15 games, there were many stand out performances. Rosicky, Arteta, Mertesacker, Carzola, but I would definitely go for the French Assasin: Laurent Koscienly. The best man- marker in Europe to me. Koscienly has faced different kind of strikers and has come out victorious in all occasions. Thumbs up boss.

FUUNY OBSERVATION: why is it that Manchester United always ends our records. The 49 games unbeaten record and then this. United, we are coming for you.

The away must have ended in a painful way, but we can pick ourselves up and maybe go on another great run #COYG




  1. The traits that you admired about Rosicky is what I wish as well. Even though his age has given way,he still has the passion to pick up the games like no others. He must be a splendid example for our players in the dressing room. As for the last statement,I would like to add something:why is it that in both occasions,Rooney was the one who gave assists to end our legendary forms? @manasbi_daniel

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