When Ramsey got his double fracture, the world would have ended for the young Welshman. He was just learning the ropes at Arsenal and was surely doing well. It took him about 8 months to get back on his feet. When he started playing regularly again, he still lacked the sharpness he had prior to the injury. He was booed repeatedly had a poor game after a poor game. He gave away possession easily and even when he was in good positions, he failed to score. Many gooners gave up on him and you could only imagine how Rambo felt.


In the last 6 months, the story has changed, he has Arsenal’s player of the month for four consecutive times, won the Premier League player of the month for September, scored 11 goals this season, playing magnificent for Wales, making tackles, interceptions, creating chances. He has become the symbol of an inform Arsenal; everything he touches turns to gold.

If you had asked even the most ardent Arsenal fan that Ramsey would blossom like this a year ago, he would have called such idea, a fiction. This has made Gooner of Steel think: can we envisage such a situation for Abou Diaby.

27 year old Vassirki Abou Diaby made his Arsenal debut as a 19 year old in January 2006. I still have fond memories of his thunderbolt against Sunderland some seasons ago. He is one player that I love at the club and to me, one of the best ball winning midfielders in the league.

When fit, there are few midfielders who can match Abou for technique and presence on the ball. Any time he takes the field for Arsenal, he always emerges one of the best performers on the day. For France, he is a constant when fit. In France’s ill-fated South Africa 2010 World Cup, he played the three games and was definitely their best player in the tourney.

The problem with Diaby is his fitness and injuries. The unfortunate Frenchman has up to 35 injuries in his career. Here is a table showing his different injuries.


When I saw the number of injuries that Abou has gotten, I felt pity for him. His last injury a ligament injury in March 2013 that ruled him out for 9 months and just a month ago, it was extended to March 2014. Why would Gooner of Steel believe that there is hope for Abou?


RVP  is a player who  had similar issues to Abou, but he came out of it. He overcame them and now he plays week in week out. Unfortunate that he could not repay the gooners for the faith they put in him through those trying periods; but if RVP could survive his injuries, then Gooner of Steel has every hope to be optimistic about Abou.


Abou is undoubtedly a very talented player and an almost perfect prototype Patrick Viera. He is also a very strong player mentally. There are very few players that have gone under the knife as many times as he has done and have still come out hopeful. Dean Ashton readily comes to mind. That strong mental strength could prove crucial.


Truthfully, if Wenger was not in charge of Arsenal, I don’t think Diaby would still be a gooner. Arsene has complete confidence in Abou and maybe he could repay him someday. For the fact that Arsene has not released him from Arsenal means that he could have a future. When you look at examples like Portuguese midfielder, Amaury Bischoff and Eduardo Da Silva that were once gooners. Abou has some hope.


27 years is not quite a young age, but for a midfielder he has some future. When you see midfielders like Alonso, Xavi, Pirlo, Gerrard  and Lampard who are still playing at the highest level in their 30’s, 27 is quite younger. When Rosicky was 31 years, he said he felt like a 29 year old; because he had missed 2 years from injury. With Diaby’s injury cumulatively taking almost 5 years from his career, Diaby could argue that he is 22 years.

Many Arsenal fans have forgotten about Abou and even when he comes back to fitness, many gooners would be skeptical about playing him. The tenacious midfielder has 18 years remaining on his contract and his return timed in March 2014, he has about 15 months to left for his football career at Arsenal. However, if Rambo could fight a double fracture or Sagna’s comeback from a broken leg twice or Wilshere or Rosicky, then Abou Diaby can. #comeonAbou #COYG


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  1. Diaby was my idol when he was playing, he’s dangerous in attacking, good in possession of the ball, skillful and hard. I’m still waitng for him. Get well, my best player.

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