Jack Wilshere has been charged by the FA and expectantly so. What he did deserves a ban but at the same time, I don’t hold any grudge against it. Football clubs should try and regulate what their fans say to the opposition players. Watching the game on T.V, you see the home fans chanting and saying potential offensive words; these players are human beings and have feelings and no matter how professional they might be, there must be a rush of blood at one time or the other and that happened to my dear Jackie boy.

However, this article is not to discuss Wilshere’s offense but his absence. The young English man has been a key player for the gooners after it seems like he has fully recovered from his ankle issues. Most of the time he has had to play out of position die to injury to key players and he has not been so bad, but the big question is if with the impending ban on his head, we are going to be miss him against Chelsea? The answer is no.

We would not miss the poster boy of the club simply because there are other players that can come in and do a very good job. Carzola, Rosicky and Gnabry are very capable replacements and even a returning Podolski could do a lot of damage. What we would miss is his desire, love for the club and the fact that he always seems to pick the team up with his performances would be absent.

Jack has had to put up a lot of stick among gooners with recent performances but I believe he is sacrificing a lot for the team. Arsene has said most of the time that Wilshere’s best position is as a deep lying playmaker but for the best time I would differ with the boss. Deep lying playmakers like Pirlo, Alonso, Gerrard have some certain qualities that Jack has but the 21 year old has something else. He has the ability to drive at opponents and take them on with ease. Most times, that helps the team, but some other times, he loses the ball; and when you lose the ball in your deep-lying position, the defence is left unprotected.

That is why is recommend that Jack Wilshere’s best position is the main in the hole in the 4-2-3-1 formation, the most advanced midfielder in the 4-3-3 and the a side midfielder in the 4-4-2.

Well wherever Jack plays, you can expect him to play well and give his all to the team. I would certainly miss him against Chelsea, but we other good covers; so let’s fry the blues. #COYG


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