At the beginning of the season, this was the mood in the Emirates (pictures below), the fans were frustrated. We saw Manchester City, Chelsea and Tottenham making giant strides in the transfer market while we were dormant. Even lowly Cardiff, Norwich and Southampton were in full swing. To make matters worse, we lost our first game to Aston Villa at the Emirates. A good number of fans actually called for the sack of Wenger and just after one game, our title hopes were already dismissed by a lot of people.


Several months later, the mood has changed, the real fans are back. I was watching the FA Cup against Tottenham and even though I was watching it on TV, it was like at the Emirates. I could feel the atmosphere, I rank the atmosphere as the best we have seen at the Emirates since we made the switch, maybe the night we beat Barcelona 2-1 in 2011 was another great day.


Many times, the crowd at the Emirates has been criticized for being too quiet and subdued and has been described by some as a library; when you are playing at home, the fear and uncertainty of the crowd is normally passed to the home team and at the same time gives the away team the impetus to fight for a result

What has brought the fine voice to the Emirates?

For me, it is not the results or the performances but mainly because we have players that play as fans of the club. Walcott, Wilshere and Gibbs are the main English men on the pitch and always give their 100%.

Szczesny, Arteta, Rosicky, Mertesacker, Koscienly might not be English, but they give their all and have a common purpose. Recently, Podolski described the atmosphere in the team as the best he has experienced and surely that togetherness in the squad is rubbing off on the fans. Almost every player has his own song with the fans, the entire club, the players, the Boss, the staff and the fans seem to be one big family.

I am a big fan of the Bundesliga and some seasons ago, I told some group of gooners that I would love our players to uniformly acknowledge the fans as it is done in Germany. It makes the connection between the fans and the players stronger, the players would want to play better as they would not want to applaud a group of angry fans. This season ,my wish has been granted, maybe because of the increasing number of Germans, but one thing for sure is that it is working.

“I feel it and what is happening is there is a connection again between the team and the fans,” he said. “They look to be on the same wavelength and that was not the case last season and to get that back is is very important. “To have that strength at home will be vital until the end of the season.”-ARSENE WENGER

That connection has been vital, very vital. The fans see the players giving it their all and have to support them. In the Tottenham game, the Emirates stood up to applaud theo Walcott when he was carried off injured and scarfs were thrown at him, even the much maligned Bendtner was called lord Bendtner and the fans sang, ‘there is only one Niklas Bendtner’

Many pundits are expecting this team to capitulate and fall this period, but we seem to be growing stronger and the team needs the fans to help them along the way and support them, maybe our support would help us cross the finishing line comfortably and as winners. If the support in the Emirates continues, the stadium could be a fortress just like Highbury and any team would be afraid to come to the Emirates.

 The team needs us as fans more than ever before, let us give them our support to finish with a silver ware because when we win, we would all come out to pop the champagne. #COYG



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