Its been a While and  i have missed you guys a lot. The void created in my heart is so big  that it can  swallow Chelsea, Tottenham and those Jack Wilshere haters…..harsh?…i know.

A lot has happened in  my absence, but i want to assure all my readers and followers that gooner of steel is back, better and stronger and we would enjoy our ride once again..

The 2014/2015 has been eventful but ended up with a trophy, we saw emergence of new players, new tactics, some players knew what it meant to sit on the bench while others could not overcome past habits.

For the second season running, we enter into the season as FA Cup champions and have a trophy game against Chelsea to look forward to, but between now and then, a lot of things are going to happen.

Many questions are going to be asked, some would be answered immediately, others, after a while and some will never be answered.

In all, we pray for a good preseason, rather short but hey, as fans, we are happy it is short, less boredom!

To all my readers, just to apologise for my absence and to implore you to not forget that we are gooners of steel and not of straw or plastic…..😉



  1. In as much as I love Poldi, I must say that his future lies away from Emirate Stadium. The healthy fight for starting berth is intense than before and I don’t think he has the capacity of playing regularly. If Arsenal can have all players fit, I don’t think Poldi will even make a bench

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