The Bild Newspaper has reported that Arsenal has made a bid of around €40 million (approximately £29 million) for Dortmund star, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The credibility of the story is not the question here, but at least we there is another story about Arsenal other than Petr Cech and how many points he would get us next season.


Could this be true?
Well, in Germany, the Bild Newspaper is a quite credible paper, so in that basis, it could be true. However  this is the transfer window, newspapers and websites cook up all sorts of stories to attract more readers and viewers. So this could be one of them.

However, this deal makes complete sense especially for Dortmund: they have a new coach that might not rate Aubameyang highly and might not put him in the first team plans.

Also, Dortmund bought him from St. Etienne for €13 million, so selling him for € 40 million would make perfect business sense.

In this world of financial fair play, selling the Gabonese would make sense. Their other marketable players seem to be going no where; Reus just signed a new contract and interest from Madrid and Barcelona seem to have calmed down, Matt Hummels has decided to stay and Gundogan seems to have joined the ‘i want to stay band wagon’. That leaves the speedster. 

Dortmund obviously need an upgrade of Weindefeller and replace an ageing Sebastein Kehl, so money got from Aumbameyang sale would be handy.

First and foremost, pace. The Gabonese was once said to be faster than Usain Bolt and has been rumored to run 30 meters in 3.7 seconds. So adding him to Walcott, Alexis and Welbeck, we could have an X- Men front line.


He is a good goalscorer. He was a bright light in Dortmund’s embarassing season and led the scorer’s chat with 16 goals. From our wide attackers of Wekbeck, Walcott and Chamberlain, we did not get many goals. We had to rely so much on Alexis Sanchez.

His Versatility is another key attribute. He has the ability to play as a lone man, a right winger or left winger and behind the main striker. That versatility was key in Dortmund second half of the season renaissance. Flops like Ramos and Immobile were dumped and the Gabonese was used.


Excellent question! Clearly, we don’t have a right winger and even if we do in Walcott, Wenger clearly does not have faith to put him in that position. Aumbameyang would clearly fit the right winger bill and offers more than Walcott. In the Bundesliga last season, he created a massive 45 chances to walcott’s 4 and Welbeck’s 29.

Also, the goals he contributes, if we have a right winger that contributes 16 goals, I am sure that we would be a better team. Welbeck and Walcott contributed too few goals and they created even less chances. So that Ramsey was used in that position despite the fact that he did not want to.

Aumbameyang signing might just be a farce for now and the probabilities might be low. It however makes a little sense. Benzema, Martinez, Cavani are all Giroud-like strikers. So why get another striker in the same mould when we can get something different?
But, as I would always say, before Wenger gets another striker, he must get rid of the unwanted trio: Podolski, Sanogo and Campbell and find something to do with Wellington Silva.

But hey, after years of looking up to ROBIN for leadership  and inspiration and seeing him abandon us, we finally have the chance to  get something, BATMAN!



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