I have decided to use the word  ‘imminent’ because this transfer seems to like the tide of the sea, sometimes on sometimes off. We are expected the deal to be completed this week and for his face to be splashed all over arsenal.com but it is not so.

There seems to be a reluctance of Chelsea to sell and are only doing this based on the respect they have for the Czech International. Whatever the case may be, i am happy we are getting a world class keeper and so too are many gooners.

The frenzy created by the news of agreed personal terms and transfer fee has been immense from pundits and fans alike. Many are calling it the beginning of a new era, the best signing of the transfer window and so on and on. There is a very excitement but two people that I am sure are not as excited as we are: David Ospina and Wojiech Szczesny.

If reports are to be believed, it seems Ospina has already taken his path and is close to agreeing a deal with Fernabache. Which for me would be a shame, he had quite a  good second half of the season and despite errors against Swansea and West Brom, had a chance to build on his performance in the new season. As a new keeper, he had done the hard part, unseating the existing number one but the challenge of battling with Cech might be a task too great for him.

That leaves us with a keeper we are all very familiar with: SZCZESNY. I actually thought that the Pole might be the one to give way but he decided to stay put and fight. While that is laudable and I encourage his fighting spirit but that should not be his attitude as at now.

He should become a student again. He would have the opportunity to learn at the feet of one of the goal keeping greats of our time. Whether we acknowledge it or not, Szczesny is our long term number one and I think that Wenger is bringing Cech in as a measure for effective transition between now and when Pole would be ready.

After flashes of brilliance early in his career that made him unseat Almunia and Fabianski at the same time, he has drifted away from world class towards mediocrity and as was in previous Arsenal Round Table editions, he has been left behind by his age grade keepers.

This is  chance for him to be patient, see where he needs to improve and work hard. With Cech’s arrival, no activity in the goalkeeping department would happen for the foreseeble future, so Szczesny should bid his time.

Cech is 33 and would most likely get a 3 year deal and maybe an extra one year or two. At that time, Szczesny would be in his late twenties and would be  better keeper then, might even unseat Cech before then. So my advice to Szczesny: dont worry be happy!

Host Chile secured a place in the semis of the Neymar-less Copa America. He has only scored a  solitary goal and I am sure would want more but as far as he wins the tournament, don’t see any reason why he should not celebrate.

Unknown 16 year old Romanian Vlad Dragomir became the club’s latest signing. While its impossible for him to break into the first team for now, he would strengthen the youth teams considerably. Hope he lives up to his name and becomes VLAD THE IMPALER of football.

Lastly, Morgan Schneiderlin is still in the news. I am quite surprised why Wenger has not moved in early for this guy. He has done everything possible to get everyone’s attention that he loves the Emirates. Well, he has said his future would be settled in the coming days, let us expect that future would be at Arsenal because I would be absolutely gutted if he signs for Manchester United or Sp**rs.

Heard Madrid are looking at Koscielny as a replacement for Ramos. I have just two words for them: LOOK ELSEWHERE

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