With Cech’s arrival all but confirmed, we have certain issues to settle before he comes. Szczesny and Ospina situation would have to be sorted out. Cech is not coming to the Emirates to be number two, so either of the already established internationals would have to start to select the best bench spot to occupy but who would that be? step up our goonerific panelist.



Jeffery Omah @Jefrie1804

With the ‘arrival’ of Petr Cech, there’s no point having three senior goalkeepers in Arsenal since it is only one goalkeeper that can keep in a match. It is also important to free the wage bill. David Ospina joined the Red and White Army last season and was nothing but impressive in his debut season possibly his last season as well but it will hurt to say that i will prefer he leaves so as to create space for Szczensy. Considering that Szczensy is an Arsenal academy graduate, i will be glad to see him retire as a Gunner as he is a top goalkeeper no doubt, i love the way he spreads himself in a one on one situation, though he has his own shortcomings which is obvious for all to see and even the shot stopper admitted that he loses concentration in matches at times but Arsenal goal keeping department can help him become a better and more consistent goalkeeper.

Verdict: keep Szczesny


Wojiech and David offer very good cover for us at the back however, they are “very good”, Not “excellent”. With the imminent arrival of Petr Cech, one has to go and my verdict? Szczesny.

Being younger than Ospina is the only edge I think he has over David at this point. Over time he’s fumbled countless times with corners and crosses into the box, rushing out severally. Some have attributed this to having lost his place mid last season but I think he’s had enough time to prove that he’s the heir to Seaman’s gloves.

Ospina on the other hand came in with a reputation of being calm and one of the most assured hands in the business and has not disappointed pardon one or two errors along the way. Ospina himself is not an old man at 26 and is perfectly willing to sit on the bench for Cech afterall, he was signed as a No. 2.. Szczesny has a reputation of being a hothead and has not taken being no 2 as well as he should have. The stats say it all. Ospina’s 91.7% win percentage to 41.2 for Szczesny, 82.1% save percentage to 67.2%, 3 catches per 90mins to 1.4 and 0 errors leading to shots to 6 makes it a no brainer.
My final reason, He’ll command more of a transfer fee than Ospina.

VERDICT: Keep Ospina

TONI OKIKE, author of the goonerdaily blog

From the best of my knowledge, Arsenal is about to sign Petr Cech, one of the best goalkeepers in the world. This guy has been at Chelsea for 10 years, winning every title club football has to offer. When he joins Arsenal Football Club, he’d massively improve the club.
Sadly, it means that either Wojciech Szczesny or David Ospina will have to go. Szczesny has been around for quite some time and he has shown his quality even though he has had his bad moments. He won the Golden Glove two seasons ago with Petr Cech and he has always been tipped for great things. David Ospina, on the other hand, joined from Nice and had to wait till January to make his mark on the team, and he was decent enough.
We can’t have Cech, Szczesny and Ospina together at the same time. One of them has to go and my candidate is Ospina. Ospina has done okay for us this season but people tend to forget that he finally got his chance when Szczesny fucked up pretty badly against Southampton. Fate works like that some times but if Szczesny didn’t have such a stinker, Ospina would probably have kept in just the FA Cup while Szczesny would have been in goal in the premier league and the Champions League.
I like Ospina, I love the ‘OOoooooooooooooospina’ chant but for a keeper like Cech coming around, he has to go. I wish him all the best at Fenerbahce and I hope we play them in the group stages so that our fans can show him their appreciation for the decent job he did for the club.


JORGE BIRD, author of the Arsenal Youth blog

Again this is a very difficult decision but I would be inclined to keep Szczesny for a little longer because I still believe that he has a lot of potential, even though he is still error prone at times. 
Ospina hasn’t done much wrong for Arsenal and selling him would seem a little harsh given how he helped us last season, but I doubt he would want to remain at the club with Petr Cech as first choice and, if reports are to be believed, it seems that the club would be willing to let Ospina go if the Cech deal is confirmed. 



Ospina by a mile,reason is Cech would bolster us significantly as a topnotched gk which will either have us decide on Szczesny or Ospina. Szczesny is homegrown as he compliments our FFP rating so well. Not performance related issue in deciding between Szczesny and Ospina. Coyg!!



Being second choice is a very big decision for any keeper especially when you have two quality keepers. Luis Enrique did an admirable job with Claudio Bravo and Marc Andres Ter-Stergen; but would Wenger adopt the same style? I think not. Maybe only for the cups but not for Europe. That leaves me with the big question, which keeper would be humble enough to sit on the bench? Szczesny maybe, but remember that he has a Euros in the summer that he has to make the squad or Ospina? Seems odd selling him just after one year that he hardly did any wrong. But sentiments aside…Ospina is well appreciated but he has to make space for Cech.




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