For the second straight summer transfer window, Arsenal has passed up the opportunity to sign a quality midfielder. This time it is French born Morgan Schneiderlin.
News filtered that last week that the So’ton star announced that he was already in talks, while gooners were celebrating, United stole a match on us and once again, we are punished for our transfer window ‘snaililitis’.

Personally, i don’t think we let him go like the Fabregas situation; Wenger has already acknowledged that he wants to get a defensive midfielder, so why allow his compatriot go so easily?
I came up with a few points:
1. Does he harbour Arteta as a deputy? Definitely no! With his age and nigging calf? Impossible.
2. Does he believe teenager, kristain Belik as a deputy to Coquelin? The dude has promise, but not now, for his sake and for the team’s sake.
3. Has the boss finally cave to English pressure and wants to use Jack Wilshere in that  position? Highly improbable.

I don’t see these reasons holding him back, that brings me to the next point, who else can we bring in to both assist  le Coq and compete with him?

I have drawn out a list of Players and i call them the fantastic 5!

The Pole is a very bright prospect and was one of the breakthrough players of the  past season, helping Sevilla to Europa league success. With 3.34 tackles per game, 3.03 aerial duels won, average pass of 81%, 2.13 interceptions, created 5 chances and knows how to contribute a goal or too. Would be a very good addition.


The World Cup winner has always been a consistent performer witj Gladbach, why not with Arsenal? 3.27 tackles per game, 1.23 aerial duels, 1.27 interceptions and 25 chances created.

The lanky German has been a big player for Leverkusen for a long time now and has has been on our radar for while now. With 2.88 tackles, 3.15 interceptions, 4.35 aerial duels won, pass completion of 70% and 19 chances created, this dude is would not be that bad….


Step up his twin brother; this Dortmund giant is a look alike snd would also be a real cool addition. Tackles of 3.0, aerial duels won of 2.45, interceptions of 1.1 and created 43 chances in 18 starts! Not bad for an anchor man

The Lyon captain is one player I admire a lot. He was linked with us a couple of years back and was strongly linked with a move to Napoli last year but opted to stay in France. He has a jaw dropping 4.37 tackles per game, aerial duels of 2.2 per game, 1.46 interceptions, 89% pass completion and created 17 chances.


A massive favourite among Juve faithful. Popularly known as ‘rey Arturo’ meaning king Arturo. Reports have it that Juventus has agreed to sell to Arsenal for £21.7 million. With 3.11 tackles per game, 1.17 interceptions, pass completion of 85% and created 37 chances. Sure a quality addition. My only issue is that we can’t buy him as a Defensive midfielder, it would be a complete waste of his attacking resources.


Here you have it guys, have your pick! I believe that if we want to add, we must add quality and not just a squad member. We surely don’t want to enter the new season with just one dependable DM!

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See you tomorrow and if you are ever sad or bored, Google to find Alexis Sanchez sing a One Direction song and you would be livened up. I promise you!


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