Yesterday was a great day for me. Watching the final of the Copa America, I felt like I was watching the final of the FA cup; I so wanted Alexis to win and succeed that I became anxious.


So you can imagine how happy I was when Chile won. It was not just happiness that filled my mind but it was also admiration for the enigma of a player: ALEXIS SANCHEZ.


The Chilean has played a mind blowing 76 starts in the last 15 months. Even a duracell battery would not last that long, but he keeps on going, almost like a robot. His ethusiasm is just breath taking. His desire is born out of sheer love for the game. Such players are very rare to find.


Despite his heavy schedule, he had the maturity to handle the expectation of millions of his people when he stepped forward to take the deciding penalty and my god, how he dispatched it: a PANEKA.


The Paneka penalty is either taken under less tensed environments or by really experienced heads like legendary Andre Pirlo. Alexis has both. The courage, maturity and professionalism to pull that kind of penalty stunt under such conditions is just sexy. Even the legendary Paneka would be scared of doing that. We have a gem at the Emirates.

Alexis has had a succesful year, got a big move to a big club, did very well, won the player of the season, the PFA  fans award, the FA cup, the Community Shield and now the Copa America. What a way to go on Holiday!


That brings us to the big question, HOW DOES ALEXIS PREPARE FOR THE NEXT SEASON. While many players are preparing to return from holidays, Alexis is preparing to go for his. He has had a breathless season and has been promised a four weeks break. That means he would miss the entire pre season and the first few games of the season. That makes you wish he would have a great season.

No matter how we praise Alexis for being a workaholic and so on. The effect of such a break-less season would surely show and I have one big advice to Wenger:

Please, don’t rush Alexis even if things don’t go well at the start. His body needs to recover adequately so that we can have him at 100% for top condition.

His absence would also have a positive outlook and would have other players of the team to stake a claim.


Let’s hope that Joel Campbell can lead Costa Rica to an historical Gold Cup too.

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