Earlier today, a certain football agent, Muzzi Ozcan threw many gooners into a frenzy when he announced that Arsenal would be making the transfer of the season in the coming days.


While it looks utterly ridiculous, there is a tiny part of our heart that hopes that it is true.
Many gooners have even started speculating who the player might be.
The agent, who represents some Arsenal players like Giroud, Debuchy and Sanogo should have enough evidence to back up such a statement before making it public. So you can imagine that the search light would be on Arsene Wenger to see who the signing could be.
Muzzi seems to have some connection with the French gang, so maybe players like Benzema and Lacazette are in the horizon or could it be a Carvahlo or could we steal Schneiderlin from under LVG’s nose. Anything is possible, but if after few days, nothing happens…expect a punch from me, Mr. Muzzi.

Thank you for making us all think Mr. Muzzi


Next on the agenda is a comment made by Jens Lehmann:

” it is not easy to suddenly go from Chelsea, where he spent almost his whole career, winning many trophies, to the other side if the capital with a rival.
Before you can have it in your heart to win titles again, you have to get rid of the love you had before”

Is there any reason to put any substance to what the big German has said? Definitely. First, he is an invincible, second, he came to the club under similar circumstances.
Really, it is something that we should be bothered with because he has won everything in club football and whether he would have the same drive is left to be seen. Van Der Sar was at Fulham that were struggling when he came to United and still had such drive and passion to win something in the English game.

However, I trust that Cech is experienced enough not to spoil his credible reputation and would be as ambitious as ever with Arsenal. From all indications, as first choice, he would also help a lot of the younger keepers, which is good; but he must not slack, except if he wants a second benching incidence again.

I am so happy the season is starting soon and can’t wait for preseason games to begin.

Congrats to Arteta for the new deal, really deserves it for steadying the ship when it was really turbulent, but should not expect so much game time next season and should start taking his badges soon.

See you later, gooners…..


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