At long last, we are counting hours and not days or weeks to see our beloveth Arsenal play. The 30th of May seems so long ago ( the 2015 FA CUP FINAL) and we have to cope with a lot of crap on television and get bored by newspapers and agents that have turned themselves to lie factories.


Well the first game of pre-season is here again and for once, we would take our mind off the chaos of the transfer market and focus on the action on the pitch. Arsenal would join Stoke and Everton to play a Singapore Select side  over two match days to find out who wins this pretisgious pre season game. Gooner of Steel brings you that stuff that you might not know about the competition, just to wet your appetite.

1. The competition was started in 2003 and it is the only premier league affiliate competition outside the UK and was once called the Premier League Asia Trophy

2. It is held every odd 2 years so as not to clash with the World Cup and the  European Championship. Apologies to the Copa America ( did I hear someone say the African Nations Cup?)

3.Unfortunately, for the competition, Chelsea are the first side to win it in 2003 and are the highest winners, with two trophies.

4. This is the first time that Singapore is hosting the showpiece event. Probably they protested that Hong Kong have hosted it more than twice.

5. It is to be played in the newly built, state of the Art National Stadium, completed in 2014 and can house 55,000 people. The stadium features a retractable roof and every seat in the stadium is cooled by environmentally sustainable technology. Waooooohhhh!!!


6. This state of the art complex is a big upgrade on the stadium used last edition. The pitch was terrible. Paulo Di Canio described it as ‘killer pitch’ while Negredo was drenched in mud. The only consolation was that Sp**rs defender, Vertonghen got an injury playing on the terrible surface.



7. The games are to be officiated by premier league referees and Singapore officials. This really does not help, having to face those mistake-laden English referees is just terrible. Why should they bring our misery forward instead of August 8th? Lol.

8. The trophy itself was once a kind of funny looking shape ( had no word to describe it, luckily, it was Chelsea that carried it) and then became a plate ( a rather small one) and now it a beautiful trophy.




9. The 2013 edition was played over two halves of 40 minutes each. Maybe, this might just be the case.

Have a wonderful time watching the boys play in Singapore. If you are ever bored especially with Stoke’s Rugby boys, please just watch how Wenger smiles ( check it out here) and smile back.

Have  goonerific day!!!


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