The season is at hand. The very interesting jingles on TV have started again. Those jingles that send shivers down your spine. I just love them. It is at the point of the season that the new kit of various clubs become more cherished fashion items than the works of renowned designers. It’s the frenzy created for the beginning of the football season after the long and boring break.

As Arsene fine tuned  his squad for the new season, he would have some big questions to answer. Here are the big four puzzles that he would have to solve ahead of the new season.

Many of us have thought in our hearts that Monreal and Bellerin are sure bets to start as first choice fullbacks for the upcoming season. There is every probability that would be the case.


However, with the showing of the contenders in the Emirates Cup, don’t be shocked if Wenger changes his mind.
Debuchy had a very decent game against Lyon and matched Lacazette and N’jie stride for stride. Gibbs was also very impressive against Lyon too while Bellerin struggled against Kevin De Bruyne.


It is just preseason, but the French and English fullbacks have surely given Wenger something to think about and the two Spanish fullbacks wont have a stroll in the park…

When you get 44 points from 54 in the second half of the season with a midfield of Coquelin- Carzola -Ozil; there is no way you would change it. That would be the big problem. Where does Ramsey fit in, or Wilshere or Rosicky or Arteta.


Particularly Ramsey, playing him out on the wings is like playing Ljunberg as a fullback. He would do his best but he would be underutilized.
Ramsey had his best season for the gooners  when he played central midfield and his box to box role key to the number of goals he scored. Playing him on the wings would deny him of that box to box trait. The Welshman has stated that he wants to play centrally; but how would Wenger do it. Would he distrupt Carzola-Coquelin partnership or move Ozil to the wings to accomodate Ramsey bearing in mind that Ozil on the Wings is style that has never worked. Or does he leave Ramsey on the flanks and deny the resurgent Oxlade-Chamberlain a place in the team. What of Wilshere, should he cave to Pressure and play Wilshere as a holding midfielder? So many questions, few answers. At the point, I dont envy Wenger, I think I prefer solving these problems with my Football Manager Computer game  ..

Some weeks back, the Arsenal Roundtable debated who would lead the attack. It was a straight fight between Walcott and Giroud ( check out the debate here). Towards the end of last season, Giroud should win the battle easily, but Walcott came back with a super West Brom Hatrick and a wonderful goal in the Cup final. That has thrown the battle wide open. Both strikers add something different  While Giroud is a typical targetman, Walcott is more of a Sturridge kind of striker that works between the lines. Wenger might most likely use them depending on the opposition. Then there is Danny Welbeck that is more loved not for his goals but for his workrate, strange complement for a striker. We are clamouring for a new striker, but then what would happen to the ones we have? Giroud just signed a nee deal, Welbeck came in last season and Walcott is about to get his new deal too. The maze seems not to have any way out in sight. GOODLUCK WENGER WITH THESE DECISIONS!


Last season, Wenger showed us that if a particular lineup is working well, why change it? Why rotate? The boss used thr same lineup for five straight games . So take for example that the lineup of Cech; Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal; Coquelin, Carzola, Ozil; Sanchez, Ramsey and Giroud is used repeatedly, we would have players like Ospina, Gibbs, Debuchy, Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Oxlade Chamberlain, Welbeck, Walcott, Chambers and Gabriel always on the bench. In a season where there is the European Championship, players would not want to sit on the bench and miss out on the trip to France 2016.
Take for example, Gibbs, who has to fight with Baines, Shaw, Betrand and Rose for just two Left Back spots for the Euros. He would be very unhappy if he cant break into the Arsenal team and get more game time and that could destroy chances .

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