Having a sabbatical is one of the best that can ever happen to a man. I have been away from blogging for a while now and I am sure that many of you must have missed me. However, some has to bring you back and disappointingly it has another opening day defeat to my darling Arsenal that broke my sweet and seemingly never ending holiday.


I doubt that there was any fan that thought that we would take Liverpool for a stroll and wipe their asses back to Anfield back in shame. However, the first half seemed to portray that it might happen. The team was playing very well in the first half and everybody was doing their jobs very well. The young center back pairing of Holding and Chambers seemed to be doing well, Coquelin was making those crunching and hard tackles, Iwobi was awesome and Walcott was giving Moreno a hell of a time and then we scored ( well after Walcott had missed a penalty). The  Emirates was wild and maybe we could repeat the demolition of two seasons back. What went wrong? Coutinho’s freekick.

A well struck goal that I think Cech should have done better but that totally took the wind off our sails. Arsenal came out in the second half like that had been crying in the dressing room all through the break. I did not recognize the same team that played with so much zest and guile. The rest is history, three goals of pure quality and Arsenal’s negligence followed and the game was done, the rest was for Wenger and his boys to do was damage control.

Many people would blame Wenger for not buying this player or that player or the hybrid of Messi and Ronaldo, but that is not the issue. The main question should be what happened to the team during the half time break. After a great first half, conceding with virtually the last kick of the half would surely deflate the morale of any team and boost the confidence of the other going into the second half. I don’t know what the manager did at the break but I imagine there was no encouragement or motivation of the players to forget about the equalizer and continue what they were doing.

Other issues are why did Oxlade Chamberlain not start, he was the best player is preseason, why would he not start? Wenger gave the excuse that they were not physically ready, why? After the pre-season victory over Manchester City, the Boss said the team was physically ready, so what happened in 7 days? Why were Ozil, Koscielny and Giroud not played? Martial, Matuidi, Schneiderlin, Rami, Kroos all played in the same Euros but they all played in the opening games for their clubs? So what happened?

Wenger has to start playing his cards right and getting it right with his decisions, because the camp of WengerOut or WExit is swelling and the pro-Wenger camp is reducing.


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