Arsenal avoided a slippery FA Cup slope when they rose up to the challenge against a difficult and energized Sutton side. Victory over the non-league side has granted us a ticket to the Quarter finals where we welcome another non-league side to the Emirates. While that fixture is for another month, we have to enjoy our win even though it was against a lowly side. Many people have said how lucky Arsenal is with the draw, but we must give respect to these sides for making it this far even with semi-professional players. Here are my thoughts on the game, would appreciate if you do the same in the comments section at the end of this write up.

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The Boss did the right thing fielding a very strong team against a side that is over 100 places below the gooners; a team comprising World cup winners, full internationals and experienced professionals. Wenger has always talked about his love for the Cup and he showed it yesterday. Over the last week, Wenger seemed to do no right in the eyes of the gooner faithful, but yesterday he picked his team well and a quarter final ticket is his reward.


There are many players that fail to make the cut at Arsenal, but when you get the opportunity to face your former club in the FA Cup, you take it with both hands, that was the fate of man of the match Roarie Deacon and Craig Eastmond. At some point, I had to check the internet to see what position, Eastmond was playing, because he was basically everywhere. The motivation was clearly with them and he showed so much grit and commitment to the cause.



This for me is a no brainer. The Spainaird clearly wants to play more and I think he should. I believe he has the right qualities to combine with Alexis and Ozil to give Wenger that fluid attack that he craves. in the 17 games he has played, a good return of 7 goals and 2 assist surely has to give him a chance to get a starting eleven spot. We might not know about his defensive abilities especially when he plays on the flanks, but with the form he has shown each time he is on the pitch, Wenger has some space-making job to do.



Mesut Ozil is the highest paid and most expensive Arsenal Player currently. He is surely one of the two world class players that we have and one of the key players of the team. A lot had been said so much about the plastic pitch at Sutton and the higher risk of injury to the players. So I was surprised that Alexis played while Ozil was at home ‘snapchatting’. if there is anybody that deserves a rest is Alexis, but he played while Mesut was rested. to put this into perspective, Ozil has not played any FA Cup game this season and you can bet that he  would not play against Lincoln. There might be nothing here, but surely, Wenger, in my opinion has a softer spot for Ozil than anyother player and has a better relationship with the German.


So much has been said about how the English want to have an attaractive brand of football like the Spanish or the Dutch, but one thing they have not done is to start that education from the lower leagues. I was in shock where every set piece, even the ones deep into Sutton’s half were taken as set pieces and the defenders go up to head. I think it betrays what the English FA are trying to do. It makes football no different from Rugby if that is done in showpiece matches like this.

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