Wenger on Mbappe:

Mbappe is exactly, well not exactly Thierry Henry, but it is true that he has similar qualities and the talent is similar

Henry on Mbappe:

when I first saw him play against Tottenham in the Europa League, as soon as I saw him, I knew he was a player: I said : who is he? At 16 and a half, he was asking for the ball, he could dribble, he was having shots, he was winning the ball back and he loved the ball.

Britain Soccer Champions League

I waited anxiously for the Manchester City- Monaco game not because Pep’s wonderful suits, or to see the Etihad pitch, neither was it to see ex-gooner; Bacary Sagna.  I stayed up to see the 18 years old that is getting everyone’s attention: Kylian Mbappe.

What  a talent! For a kid that just turned 18 (December 20, 2016) to give such a matured performance at such a big stage was truly marvelous. Otamendi was in no man’s land and I am sure would have nightmares on how the teenager continually tormented him.

Maybe his talent would not shock many people, son of a football coach/agent and a handball player, you kind of get where the talent came from. I have not been so enthralled by a youngster since Jack Wilshere’s emergence. With 25 appearances already, scoring 12 goals and making 8 assists in all competitions, this guy ain’t looking like a fluke.

Now this brings me to the main point: the new Henry? I personally feel that is cruel and unfair to the kid. Henry is a football god, a legend, a king. Comparing a 18 year old that has not played anywhere else apart from France does not sound proper to me. Since Henry retired, there has been so many ‘the next Henrys’, but none of them have been able to cut it. I believe it is not is right to call a player the next this or next that. That player has his own characteristics, qualities, abilities, career path that should not be modeled after that legendary player.

Mbappe seems to have all the qualities of the ‘igwe (what we call Henry in Nigeria), pace, skill, finishing ability, right footed, ability to play center forward and drift wide,height, complexion, nationality, same boyhood club; its almost like a reincarnation; but that is not enough. David Bentley had a great right foot and was touted as the next David Beckham, but retired at 29.

Being a great player is surely more than skill and ability, its also about determination, humility, patience, tenacity. I pray Mbappe has all those, but we are not sure yet, the next few years would provide us the answer. Until then, I believe that all this ‘next Henry’ talk should please be reduced. There is no next Henry, there can only be the ‘present Mbappe’.

Should and can Arsenal get him? Wenger has already said that he is someone that they have been watching for years and he looks like someone that could do a good job at Arsenal. His style surely fits that of the gooners; but I feel that this one has slipped out of Wenger’s hands. The teenage French man has a contract until 2019. but Monaco know that if he continues like this, he would not remain with them much longer. the present Ligue 1 leaders  would feel they can get so much from him since they got close to 60 million pounds from Manchester United for Anthony Martial.

Well, lets see how this turns out.

Do you think I am correct in my analysis or you think Mbappe is really the future Henry? please feel free to comment and lets have a chat.


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