Woke up this morning to the strange (not so strange though) news that Premier League champion and reigning FIFA Coach of the year, Claudio Ranieri has been sacked. it is quite funny that less than two months after winning the FIFA gong and 296 days after conquering England with an average squad, he gets the boot.


The reason behind his sack is just not relevant to me. What is the issue is that football has lost her soul. Sorry to say, we are lovers of a soulless sport. Ranieri did what we thought only angels are capable of doing: taking a bunch of championship level players and making them rock stars and for the board to not even wait till the end of the season is to me just inhuman.

Yes they have a big chance of getting  relegated but this action would not stop them from going down? Ask Crystal Palace if they are enjoying the Sam Allardyce ride? its not just this case, Chelsea (even though they have always been a soulless club since 2004) sacked Di Matteo few months after he won their most sought after Champions League. Mourinho was sacked months after strolling to the league title ( make that twice), Rodgers was sacked months after masterminding Liverpool first genuine title challenge in years, in all football is just soulless ( saying it again).

The boards of most big clubs have become so modern that they are following modern trends of sacking managers regardless of past precedent and achievements. This makes you wonder? Arsene last won the league, 4688 days ago. What that means is that Ranieri would have been sacked over 9 times! These 4688 days have in all fairness been filled with more mediocrity than success, more disappointment that joy. Why is Wenger still manager?

Maybe Arsene is as big as the club, or the players are too loyal or not strong enough to lead a revolt, or the board is not as modern or their counterparts in other clubs or there is something we don’t know.

Ranieri’s sacking has shown that there is no respect for whatever you do in football. Whatever achievements you record in football is only celebrated that day, the next day you fail, you are sacked. Its quite depressing for me really when we make mention  of the Invincibles of more than 12 years back  when we want to praise Wenger. I think its a major failure on the boss’ part not to be able to build another side that good again regardless of circumstances.

I am not a member of the Wenger Out band wagon and would never be part because I believe that as a club we should treat our manager with more dignity and respect when he ever decides to leave, but the Arsenal board should take note that maybe they are adding just a little more sentiment to their decision on Wenger. The plain truth is that today’s Wenger would not be able to cope in today’s management system of hiring and firing.

Farewell Ranieri, you gave us a great season last year, one that we would never forget.

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