Arsenal boss Unai Emery wants £11m midfielder to replace Aaron Ramsey

It is a well known fact that the Gunners have not handled the Aaron Ramsey situation all too well. By letting the player’s contract get to the final year without any resolution in sight, the club has let down the player as well as the fans.

However, one piece of good news is that the club are keen on replacing the Welshman and as per reports from the Express, the player in question, Miguel Almiron is quite a bargain.

The midfielder who plays for the American team Atlanta United is considered to be one of the best young player in the MLS and his performances this season have been a real delight.

This has caught the eye of the Arsenal scouts who see him as an ideal replacement for the outgoing Aaron Ramsey.

If the Gunners were to bring Almiron to the Emirates, the deal is said to cost as little as £11m. Given the prices that are being quoted in the transfer market these days, this feels like an absolute steal.

Though there are other clubs interested in the services of the Atlanta United player, Arsenal have an advantage as they have already initiated talks with the representatives of the player and set the ball rolling as far as a move is concerned.

To lose a player such as Ramsey is a big loss but it is one that the club should be prepared for by this point and by getting a player as talented as Almiron, the Gunners are ensuring that they are getting a quality replacement.

It is sad that things had to end this way between Arsenal and the Welshman but once fans get a glimpse of the player that is coming to replace Ramsey, they are sure to change their tune.

Almiron is the kind of player that can really excite the crowd with his speed and skill on the ball. And the price that he might be bought at makes the deal even better and one that is beneficial to Arsenal.


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